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"Royal Splendor Unveiled - King Charles Art Gallery"


My name is Charles Vest !


Coming from the world of sales and public speaking, I have embarked on a remarkable journey as a commissioned Fluid Artist in less than 2 years. My passion for art and dedication to mastering the craft have led me to develop a unique style that blends various artistic influences on a wide range of materials.

My artistic journey has evolved from a personal passion into a mission to share the joy of fluid art with others.

I now offer online classes and courses, promising to transform beginners from "stick figure to Picasso" in just a few hours. My teaching approach is as vibrant as my art, making the creative process accessible and enjoyable for all.

One of the most striking aspects of my art is the palpable joy it brings him every time I demonstrate it live. It's this infectious enthusiasm that makes King Charles Art not only a destination for art lovers but also a place where anyone can discover the artist within themselves.

Join me on my  artistic adventure, explore  unique creations, and unleash your own creativity through my engaging classes.

King Charles Art is not just about art; it's about discovering the artist in you.


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